Radio Rumpelstilzchen wie Online
Xblue  by image and more
N E W S I bought the domain and it is back Online since 25.9.14

Music-Stream is running in Test Mode since 30.9.14

03.11.14 Now there is a (imperfect) schedule :)

11.11.14 An Impressum exists now

12th of November 14

We have an IRC Chat Online
which will be watch by me aka PORTISLOVE
in the times we broadcast Live :)
Websites of Friends

A Place to meet friends and good music -
Spin Radio DSW United

99% moderated in German only
Sorry !

C L I C K here :)


Postcrossing goes Radio

Postcrossing Radio Service of Rumpelstilzchen
and what YOU can do ?

Oh it's really a lot you can do to fill this Idea with Live :)
So what about hearing this Radio (in part) in you native language ?
Would be great huh ? ...
Well but that needs speakers in that language
So contact me... and become one of the first...
Read text for me... Or run your own show
Its not complicate at all... believe me :)

Send wishes für music or other things to my Email !
Send me pictures I should put Online !
Send greetings for other postcrosser (in audio or text form)
There is a lot of things we can do... be creative :)

Any Ideas should go to :

Radio Service for Postcrossing can become a real meeting of nations :)

It is the second attempt to run a radio service associated with postcrossing...
Some things break down the first project - I was in hospital for a while
And than my web page called "" got in the focus of the Berlin Police :)
Why ? it sounds to much like the original they said... BUT I was in mail contact with Paulo the founder of Postcrossing
and everything was ok for him

Anywhay - I am back :) Yahoo
Greetings to you Paulo ! And greetings to ALL the Postcrossers in the world
People I NEED YOUR HELP if this Radio should be fun for you
Can you be a radio speaker in languages I can't speak ? Will You run a radio show ? Or any Idea what you can do make this radio fun for all Postcrossers ? WRITE to me :)

Have a look on the Schedule when there will be Postcrossing broadcasts
CLICK here for Schedule :)

refreshed at : Friday the 21th of November 14- 17:53 MEZ - Frank Schäfer